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"Creative Fun and Learning with Pop Tubes - Perfect Stocking Stuffers for Kids Ages 3-8!"

"Creative Fun and Learning with Pop Tubes - Perfect Stocking Stuffers for Kids Ages 3-8!"

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  • [Imaginative Creative Play] Pop, Crinkle, Pull, Stretch! Stimulate your child’s imagination and explore endless creative ways to play with our Pop Tubes! Create shapes, letters, and make up games for hours of entertainment. Our Pop Tubes stretch over 2 feet and can connect for even more fun. Marble races, hoola hoops, jump ropes - the list of ways to play has no end!
  • [Endless Fun for the Whole Family] We understand that nothing is more important than family, so we wanted to create a sensory toy that is designed for toddlers but loved by the whole family. Parents and kids can play along together for hours of fun! Our Pop Tubes are guaranteed to be a favorite toy in your home.
  • [Sensory & Learning] Pop Tubes make learning fun - the way it should be! These sensory toys provide tactile and auditory stimulation, as well as encourage the development of fine motor skills, bilateral coordination, and cause and effect STEM learning. The vibrant colors, smooth ridges, and satisfying crinkly noise stimulate your senses for super sensory fun!
  • [Why You'll Love Them] These wildly fun, addictive, durable, versatile, colorful, third-party tested Pop Tubes are the perfect fidget toys for kids! These super sensory toys provide hours of endless entertainment - no wonder kids love them!
  • [Unmatched Quality] With over 2 million Pop Tubes sold, BunMo is the leading brand in sensory toys. Designed with you in mind using high-quality BPA-free plastic which won't crack to ensure safety during play. If squished, our Pop Tubes can be easily fixed using a pen, knitting needle, or chopstick.

Product Description

Are the pop tubes durable?

Our Pop Tubes are highly durable. Made from sturdy materials, they can withstand extensive play. Squeeze, twist, or stretch them without worry. They're great for kids and adults who enjoy fidgeting, sensory play, and the satisfying popping sounds.

Are the pop tubes noisy?

Pop Tubes create sound when stretched or compressed, offering a satisfying popping experience. The noise level varies based on material and force used. People of all ages, including children and adults, find the sound enjoyable and calming.

Are these pop tubes safe for young kids?

Yes, these Pop Tubes are generally safe for young kids. They provide tactile and auditory stimulation but have sharp edges. Connect the ends to prevent injuries. Adult supervision is advised for safe and appropriate use.

Are these pop tubes teachable toys?

Pop Tubes are both entertaining and educational toys! These toys encourage imaginative play and enhance fine motor skills while improving hand-eye coordination with each stretch and pull.

How many tubes come in a pack?

Each pack contains four Pop Tubes, providing versatility and convenience. You can use them for sensory play, share with friends, or enjoy their satisfying pops yourself. With four tubes per pack, you'll have an ample supply for all your needs.

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